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Check out our large selection of Milwaukee Packout backpacks, totes, coolers, carry bags, dollies, tool boxes, organizational boxes and inserts. Milwaukee’s Packout line will ease the transition to and from your job site as well as help the tools both in your shop and on the job site stay organized. Their large durable and versatile storage systems are designed to store power tools. Smaller compartmentalized containers keep small parts organized. The organization will clear your mind for the important daily tasks and ongoing challenges of any job in the trades. Whether you are a carpenter, electrician, plumber, framer or construction worker, you will appreciate the peace of mind and space these storage systems create for you. Some come with customizable pieces for your ease and convenience. The Packout line fits all with its various options and sizes for the diverse needs of the trades. Contact us if you can’t find the right storage system for your needs. We’re always happy to help.