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DeWalt, is a globally recognized American brand. Established in 1924, it is known for its robust power tools and accessories tailored for construction, woodworking, and manufacturing professionals.

DeWalt offers a wide range of products under its 20V MAX and FLEXVOLT systems, which provide versatility and extended runtime to meet demanding job site conditions. 

The brand’s commitment to engineering durable tools that enhance productivity and efficiency is reflected in its extensive lineup, which caters to both seasoned professionals and avid DIYers.

What Makes Dewalt a Brand You Can Trust?

  • Enduring performance

DeWalt tools have built a reputation for being able to handle the rigors of heavy use. Their motors are designed for high torque and powerful performance. This is a testament to their mechanical design and the materials used to craft them.

  • Cutting-edge innovation

DeWalt’s Tool Connect app enables tracking, managing, and customizing tool settings from a smartphone. DeWalt’s FlexVolt technology allows you to use their batteries interchangeably between tools, eliminating the need for different battery platforms. 

  • Diverse selection

DeWalt has launched over 1,000 products. These include power tools, hand tools, and accessories. DeWalt manufactures cordless and corded tools, lawn and landscaping tools, and things like tape measures and Bluetooth speakers.

  • Exceptional performance

With their powerful motors, sturdy build, and user-friendly features, DeWalt tools can tackle even the most demanding tasks with ease. They are premium-grade merchandise that fulfills the rigorous requirements of professionals across diverse fields.

  • Powerful warranty

DeWalt offers a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year free service contract on all tools. It also offers three-year, seven-year, or lifetime warranties, depending on the exact tool purchased.

Over 100 Years of Dewalt Quality

DeWalt was founded in 1924 to manufacture the “Wonder-Worker,” the first radial arm saw. This tool revolutionized carpentry and significantly improved efficiency since it could be configured in different ways and used to perform a variety of woodworking tasks. The success of this product helped the company to grow rapidly and expand its product line.

In 1960, the company was sold to Black & Decker, which initially used the DeWalt name for a line of woodworking machines. In 1992, Black & Decker rebranded its professional power tools under the DeWalt label to regain market share, particularly appealing to professional contractors.

Since then, DeWalt has been known for its innovations in cordless technology. They introduced the first system of cordless tools, all of which operated on the same battery platform. DeWalt launched the FlexVolt system, which features batteries that automatically change voltage when the user changes tools. This marked a significant innovation in battery technology.

Today, DeWalt continues to be a leading brand. DeWalt maintains a strong focus on professional users and continues to invest in new technologies. Their most recent innovation is their Tool Connect system, which offers inventory management and tool customization capabilities.

What Other Dewalt Users Say

“As a professional carpenter, I’ve gone through plenty of tools; none have delivered the power, efficiency, and longevity that my DeWalt tools have.” -Maeja

“DeWalt stands up to its reputation of quality. Powerful, dependable, and well-built. I have tried many other brands and DeWalt has been the best. When it comes to the world of tools, this is the top of the line.” – Brian