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TriggerFoam Pro is a one part polyurethane expanding foam which sets into its final form by using moisture present in the air. When installing the foam, consideration should be given to the additional expansion of the foam after it leaves the nozzle. The surface of the foam initially dries within 1-5 hours and becomes fully cured in 12-15 hours. Low pressure formula will not distort windows and door frames. TriggerFoam Pro sets well on ordinary surfaces such as concrete, brick, metal, etc. Surfaces do not require preparation and can also be damp. After installation, it is recommended that a full 24 hours elapse prior to scraping, sanding, staining or painting. The foam has a R-5 equivalent value when used in place of traditional installation methods.
CFC free propellant
Class B2 Flame retardant
Physiologically harmless when fully cured
Contains no urea formaldehyde or PCB’s
Does not rot or deteriorate with age
Low odor
High foam yield – up to 1.6 ft3 per 29 oz. can
Easily adjustable applicator can dispense foam beads as small as 1/8″
Hardened steel dispenser tip for longer life on metal tools
Precision valve helps prevent pressure loss and prolongs shelf life
Stop and go application product remains liquid in applicator until dispensed
Minimal subsequent expansion (± 10%)
Compatible with PVCVOC: 180g/L
TriggerFoam Pro is dispensed through a special gun that allows the user to control the rate of flow as well as the size of the bead for more precise placement of the product, allowing it to be used in a wide variety of applications. Use it to fill, seal or insulate. It blocks drafts, stops leaks, saves energy, adheres to all types of construction materials, deadens sound, acts as a buoyancy material once cured, controls radon, helps confine asbestos fibers, and can be used in HVAC applications.
Around window frames, sills, door frames floor/wall joints; Refrigeration units and pipes
Electrical junction boxes; Attics
Air conditioning systems; Breaches in walls
Sound Dampening; Voids in concrete forms
Pipe penetrations in non-fire rated walls; Underground ductwork
Also sold in cases of 12
Includes (1) 750 ml can triggerfoam

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 3 × 3 in

Foam Sealant, Trigger Foam


750 ml

Included Part Numbers



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