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Pliers and Pliers Sets

Discover our selection of pliers and pliers sets, designed to meet the diverse needs of both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Our range includes everything from versatile needle nose pliers for precision work to robust Knipex water pump pliers for tough jobs, ensuring you have the right tool for every task.

Knipex Water Pump Pliers

Experience the unparalleled strength and durability of Knipex water pump pliers. Engineered for reliability, these pliers are an essential tool for any plumber or tradesperson needing to grip, twist, or hold workpieces securely under tough conditions.

Irwin Vise Grips

Irwin Vise Grips set the standard for locking pliers, offering unmatched control and grip. Whether you’re clamping down on metal, wood, or plastic, these locking pliers are the go-to choice for maintaining a secure hold, making them indispensable in any toolkit.

Needle Nose Pliers

Our needle nose pliers are perfect for those intricate tasks where precision is key. Ideal for bending, re-positioning, or snipping in tight spaces, these pliers are a must-have for electricians, mechanics, and hobbyists alike.

Knipex Snap Ring Pliers

Knipex snap ring pliers are specifically designed for the installation and removal of snap rings or circlips. These pliers ensure a secure and precise grip, making them a critical tool for automotive work and machinery maintenance.

Pliers Sets for Every Need

Explore our collection of pliers sets, featuring a combination of the above-mentioned tools and more. Each set is thoughtfully compiled to provide a comprehensive solution for a wide range of applications, ensuring you’re always prepared for the job at hand.