KNIPEX Pliers Wrench 16″, 2-3/8″ Capacity

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The Knipex 86 03 400 XL pliers wrench – extremely powerful, for large components
The XL pliers wrench XL with a length of 400 mm is a versatile tool and combines various useful functions. It replaces a whole set of spanners, for example, and large open-end wrenches with its large grip width – metric (up to 85 mm) and imperial (up to 3 3/8 inches). It therefore saves a lot of money, particularly when used frequently on large pipe and hose screw connections, and reduces the weight to be transported. At the same time, it is still so compact that it fits in a tool bag. It can be adjusted very quickly directly on the component at the touch of a button. The hinge bolt then locks into place securely, preventing inadvertent adjustment. When under tension, the smooth gripping jaws are parallel to each other in every position, and hold the component accurately and with zero backlash, without damaging edges and sensitive surfaces such as chrome or brass – important, for example, for plumbing and heating installation.
The excellent mechanics of the XL pliers wrench reinforce the manual force applied 10 times over. With its large leverage, it acts as an extension of your arm. It holds components as securely as a bench vice. Even flat objects can be gripped extremely well and processed simply thanks to the high pressing force and parallel jaws. The proven ergonomics of the handles with plastic coating guarantee an agreeably comfortable, non-slip grip – even with frequent use.

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions17 × 4 × 2 in

Adjustable Wrench



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86 03 180 SBA, 86 03 250 SBA, 86 03 300 SBA



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