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At Contractor Cave, we’re Hamiltonindependent tool store, and your online order source for Canadian tools. We offer contractors and home owners a full range of high quality tool brands—both power and hand tools.
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At Contractor Cave, we are proud to present a complete range of top-tier tool brands for Hamilton, including both power and hand tools, tailored to meet the needs of contractors and homeowners alike. Shop in our store to have one of our knowledgeable staff help you find the right tool, brand, or application!

However, we also offer all of our hand tools online and ship throughout Canada, enabling you to get the right tool at the right price no matter where you are.

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In Hamilton, Ontario, tool enthusiasts and professionals can rely on local hand and power tool stores to meet their needs with a diverse range of products and knowledgeable service. These stores cater to both the novice DIYer and the seasoned contractor, providing tools that help complete any project efficiently, whether it’s home renovation or professional construction. By offering expert advice, repair services, and competitive prices, these stores ensure that every customer leaves with the right tool for the job, contributing to Hamilton’s vibrant community of builders and makers.

Hamilton was officially incorporated as a city in 1846 and has grown into a significant industrial and cultural center in Ontario. Known for its steel industry, Hamilton has diversified its economic base over the years and now thrives with a mix of sectors, including health sciences, education, and technology. This evolution is anchored by institutions like McMaster University and the McMaster Innovation Park, which are central to the city’s focus on research and innovation​ (Wikipedia)​​ (Encyclopedia Britannica)​​ (The Canadian Encyclopedia).

Top Attractions in Hamilton

Hamilton offers a range of attractions, blending natural beauty with urban culture:

  1. Royal Botanical Gardens: A premier horticultural venue that educates visitors about plant biodiversity and conservation.
  2. Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum: Showcases Canada’s aviation history with an impressive collection of military aircraft.
  3. Dundurn Castle: This historic neoclassical mansion provides a glimpse into the life of the mid-19th century.
  4. Art Gallery of Hamilton: Features a notable collection of over 10,000 artworks, emphasizing Canadian contemporary and historical pieces.
  5. Hamilton Waterfront Trail: Enjoy scenic views along Lake Ontario and explore the revitalized industrial waterfront​ (PlanetWare)​​ (City of Hamilton)​.

Hamilton boasts a strong community spirit and a rich history, making it attractive to residents and tourists alike. Whether you are looking for tools to tackle a home renovation project or exploring the city’s cultural offerings, Hamilton provides a dynamic environment with something for everyone.

Hamilton, Ontario, uses a range of postal codes primarily starting with the prefix “L8E” but includes many others, such as L8P, L9C, L9B, L9A, L8W, and so forth, covering different areas of the city.


We serve the greater London-Cambridge-Hamilton area including:

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If you have a tool available online, does that mean it’s also available for pickup in your store?

Yes, if an item shows in stock online, then it is also available in store.

As a sales tactic, some manufacturers will give a credit for used tools if you are switching to their brand. However, few brands give a credit for their own used tools. If you would like more information, please give us a call!

No, we do not offer warranty outside of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Most items in stock ship within a day or two. Items not in stock often ship within a week. For estimated shipping date on items that are not labeled as “in stock”; please message us.

We do not. Currently, we ship only within Canada.