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In Ingersoll, Ontario, tool enthusiasts and professionals can rely on local hand and power tool stores to meet their needs with a diverse range of products and knowledgeable service. These stores cater to both the novice DIYer and the seasoned contractor, providing tools that help complete any project efficiently, whether it’s home renovation or professional construction. By offering expert advice, repair services, and competitive prices, these stores ensure that every customer leaves with the right tool for the job, contributing to Ingersoll’s vibrant community of builders and makers.

The town of Ingersoll, nestled in Oxford County, Ontario, boasts a rich historical backdrop shaped significantly by its industrial and agricultural roots. Established in the late 18th century by Thomas Ingersoll, the town flourished as an industrial hub in the 19th century, initially through agriculture-related industries like cheese production, which led to the creation of the famous 7,300-pound mammoth cheese that was showcased in New York and England​ (Wikipedia).

In modern times, Ingersoll has continued to grow as an industrial center, notably housing the CAMI Automotive GM plant, which is a significant local employer and a cornerstone of the town’s economy​ (Wikipedia)​​ (Business View Magazine). This blend of historical charm and industrial vigor makes Ingersoll a unique place with a dynamic community spirit.

Top Attractions in Ingersoll

Ingersoll is a town rich with cultural and recreational activities. Here are some highlights:

  1. Ingersoll Cheese & Agricultural Museum: Celebrate Ingersoll’s dairy heritage and explore historical artifacts and exhibits.
  2. Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre: Engage with the local arts scene through classes and exhibitions in various mediums.
  3. Elm Hurst Inn & Spa: Experience luxury in a historic setting, perfect for relaxation or a special occasion.
  4. Leaping Deer Adventure Farm & Market: Enjoy a family day out with a corn maze, bakery, and fun activities.
  5. Ingersoll Theatre of Performing Arts: Catch a live performance at this community-driven theatre.

Ingersoll’s community events, such as the Canterbury Folk Festival, and facilities like the lush Victoria Park Community Centre enrich the local lifestyle, making it an inviting destination for both new residents and tourists (Tourism Oxford) (Business View Magazine).

Ingersoll combines the tranquility of small-town living with the conveniences of modern amenities and a close-knit community, making it an appealing place for both leisure and enterprise.

Ingersoll, Ontario, predominantly uses the postal code prefix N5C, with a variety of more specific codes under this prefix to cover different areas within the town. Some examples include N5C 0A1, N5C 1W6, N5C 2S1, among others, which are assigned to different streets and locations within Ingersoll​.

We serve the greater London-Cambridge-Hamilton area including:

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Order times can vary a lot depending on availability from the manufacturer. Please message us for information on the tools you are looking for.

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