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In Brantford, Ontario, tool enthusiasts and professionals can rely on local hand and power tool stores to meet their needs with a diverse range of products and knowledgeable service. These stores cater to both the novice DIYer and the seasoned contractor, providing tools that help complete any project efficiently, whether it’s home renovation or professional construction. By offering expert advice, repair services, and competitive prices, these stores ensure that every customer leaves with the right tool for the job, contributing to Brantford’s vibrant community of builders and makers.

Brantford, Ontario, a city with a deep historical tapestry, is uniquely known as the “Telephone City.” This nickname commemorates Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone at his father’s homestead in the area in 1874. This pivotal invention took place after Bell and his family moved to Brantford from Europe, seeking a healthier environment due to his health concerns. The city has embraced this legacy, with the Bell Homestead serving as a national historic site and a testament to this monumental achievement​ (en.wikipedia)​​ (brantford)​.

Established officially as a city in 1877, Brantford’s development was influenced significantly by its location along the Grand River, which made it a strategic site for early settlers and native communities alike. The city’s historical narrative includes its role as a hub on the Underground Railroad and later, its growth into an industrial center in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, it balances its rich history with modern innovations and a dynamic cultural scene​ (britannica)​.

Top Attractions in Brantford

Brantford offers a variety of attractions that highlight both its cultural heritage and natural beauty. Here are some must-visit sites:

  1. Bell Homestead National Historic Site: Explore the birthplace of the telephone and experience the life of Alexander Graham Bell through preserved artifacts and personal stories.
  2. Canadian Military Heritage Museum: This museum offers a comprehensive look at Canada’s military history, featuring exhibits from the War of 1812 to modern peacekeeping missions.
  3. Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant: Set in a picturesque estate, this gallery features contemporary visual arts in exhibitions and workshops.
  4. Brantford Twin Valley Zoo: A family-friendly venue with a variety of animals and interactive experiences.
  5. Woodland Cultural Centre: Learn about the rich culture and history of the Indigenous peoples of the region through art, exhibitions, and educational programs.
  6. Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre: A state-of-the-art facility for sports enthusiasts, named after Brantford’s own hockey legend.
  7. Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts: Enjoy live performances in this historic theater that brings a range of shows, from musicals to concerts and plays.
  8. Myrtleville House Museum: Discover early Canadian pioneer life at this well-preserved 19th-century home.
  9. Brant Conservation Area: Ideal for outdoor activities, this area offers camping, swimming, and hiking along the scenic Grand River.
  10. Personal Computer Museum: Home to Canada’s largest collection of vintage computers and artifacts, celebrating the technological advancements that have shaped our world.

Brantford, Ontario, uses several postal code prefixes to cover different areas of the city. The main prefixes include N3R, N3S, N3T, and N3P.

We serve the greater London-Cambridge-Hamilton area including:

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I’m upgrading my equipment - do you buy used hand tools or batteries?

No, we do not buy or sell used products. We sell only new tools and batteries.

Most items in stock ship within a day or two. Items not in stock often ship within a week. For estimated shipping date on items that are not labeled as “in stock”; please message us.

Yes, if an item shows in stock online, then it is also available in store.

We do our best to help you find the correct product. If you call us or contact us online, then we will do our best to help you find the right solution from our thousands of parts and tools.

However, we only ship products that are purchased on our website. So if you if you are looking for a brand that we don’t carry, then we will not be able to help you.

We do not fix tools or batteries at our shop, but for a fee we can ship your tools to certified repair centre.