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At Contractor Cave, we’re Parisindependent tool store, and your online order source for Canadian tools. We offer contractors and home owners a full range of high quality tool brands—both power and hand tools.
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At Contractor Cave, we are proud to present a complete range of top-tier tool brands for Paris, including both power and hand tools, tailored to meet the needs of contractors and homeowners alike. Shop in our store to have one of our knowledgeable staff help you find the right tool, brand, or application!

However, we also offer all of our hand tools online and ship throughout Canada, enabling you to get the right tool at the right price no matter where you are.

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In Paris, Ontario, local hand and power tool stores are dedicated to supporting both amateur DIYers and professional contractors with a wide array of products suited for any project. These establishments are invaluable resources for the community, offering everything from simple hand tools to sophisticated power tools. Their knowledgeable staff provides expert advice, ensuring that every customer finds precisely what they need, whether for home improvements or commercial construction projects. Alongside competitive pricing and repair services, these stores play a pivotal role in fostering Paris’s robust community of builders and creative makers.

A Glimpse into Paris’s Historical Roots

Paris, Ontario, often referred to as the “Cobblestone Capital of Canada,” has a rich history characterized by its unique architecture and early industry. The town was established in the early 19th century and quickly became known for its gypsum mining, which was integral to the plaster and plasterboard industries. This natural resource helped Paris flourish as an industrial town, with its beautiful cobblestone buildings standing as a testament to its early prosperity. These historical elements combine to create a charming backdrop for the town’s vibrant cultural and community events. For more on Paris’s history, visit Paris’s official page and its Wikipedia entry.

Top 10 Attractions in Paris

  1. Paris Fairgrounds
  2. Penman’s Dam
  3. Paris Historical Society
  4. St. Paul’s United Church
  5. Lion’s Park
  6. Arlington Hotel
  7. Grand River
  8. Syl Apps Community Centre
  9. Paris Plains Church
  10. Maus Park Antiques

Paris’ Community Spirit and Historical Charm

Paris, Ontario, not only supports its residents with practical resources like tool stores but also offers a wealth of cultural and historical attractions. The town’s cobblestone streets and historic architecture invite both residents and tourists to explore its charming environment. Whether you’re embarking on a DIY project or enjoying the scenic views along the Grand River, Paris provides a nurturing community with a diverse array of activities and amenities.

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Do you ship tools to the United States?

We do not. Currently, we ship only within Canada.

As a sales tactic, some manufacturers will give a credit for used tools if you are switching to their brand. However, few brands give a credit for their own used tools. If you would like more information, please give us a call!

Yes, we can! We know there is a lot of  information out there, and we can help you choose the right tool for your particular use. As far as which particular brand is best, we acknowledge that some of this can be a matter of opinion 😃.

Yes, if an item shows in stock online, then it is also available in store.

No, we do not offer warranty outside of the manufacturer’s warranty.