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In the dynamic and industrious town of Norwich, Ontario, our tool supply service is revolutionizing how local businesses tackle their operational challenges. By providing high-quality, reliable tools and equipment, we empower local industries to enhance efficiency and reduce downtime. From agriculture to retail, our extensive inventory ensures that every sector has access to the necessary tools for their specific needs, including custom solutions for unique challenges. Our commitment to customer service and on-site consultations helps Norwich businesses stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

A Glimpse into Norwich’s Rich History

Nestled in the heart of southwestern Ontario, the town of Norwich is steeped in a rich history that dates back to its establishment in 1810. Originally part of the Norwich Township, which was surveyed in 1798, the area has grown from a small settlement into a vibrant community. The early settlers were primarily from New York and Vermont, bringing with them a strong agricultural tradition that has persisted to this day.

Norwich was officially incorporated as a village in 1875 and became known for its various mills and factories, notably the Norwich Gazette, which started in 1877. The town’s cultural fabric has been significantly shaped by the Quakers, who were among its earliest inhabitants, and this influence is still visible in the town’s values and architecture. Today, Norwich maintains its historical charm through well-preserved heritage sites and museums, such as the Norwich and District Museum and Archives, which houses artifacts and collections that tell the story of the area’s agricultural and social history.

For more details, you can visit Norwich’s main website and its Wikipedia page.

Top 10 Attractions in Norwich, ON

  1. Norwich and District Museum and Archives
  2. Tranquil Moments Day Spa
  3. Otter Creek Golf Club
  4. Emily Stowe Public School Historic Site
  5. The Olde Bakery Cafe
  6. Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show
  7. Upper Thames Conservation Area
  8. Heritage Community Centre
  9. Leaping Deer Adventure Farm & Market
  10. Jensen Cheese

Norwich, ON ZIP Codes

The primary postal code for Norwich is N0J 1P0.

We serve the greater London-Cambridge-Hamilton area including:

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Do you ship tools to the United States?

We do not. Currently, we ship only within Canada.

As a sales tactic, some manufacturers will give a credit for used tools if you are switching to their brand. However, few brands give a credit for their own used tools. If you would like more information, please give us a call!

Yes, we can! We know there is a lot of  information out there, and we can help you choose the right tool for your particular use. As far as which particular brand is best, we acknowledge that some of this can be a matter of opinion 😃.

Yes, if an item shows in stock online, then it is also available in store.

No, we do not offer warranty outside of the manufacturer’s warranty.